Tests and analysis on filter elements

Our constant monitoring and control of fabric filters enables us to pre-emptively arrange the replacement and clean-up of the filter sleeves/cloths

At our laboratory we test new and/or used articles to verify their physical and mechanical characteristics and their permeability: we can hence verify and evaluate the wear condition and residual lifespan of filter elements.

Types of analysis

Normally performed tests are:

  • In pristine conditions,actual and residual permeability of filter elements
  • Dust penetration
  • Stretching, loading and breaking point
  • Chemical attack and fiber decay
  • Thermal attack and heat resistance
  • Bubble Point and Mullen Burst test
  • VDI test 3927 (ISO 11057) for comparative characterization of dry cleanable filter media under standardized conditions, in order to evaluate cleaning properties and residual pressure losses.

Once the analysis has been carried out, the client is then provided with an official report, with photographs and detailed description.

Directly on your premises, we can also perform emission tests with fluorescent dusts/Visolite, allowing to detect potential leaks through sleeves and/or metal welding joints of filters.


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