Sistemi di filtrazione testati e certificati, che rispondono ai più elevati standard di produzioneKayser Filtertech Italyboasts its own range of industrial fabrics and fabric filters, produced ad hoc according to its clients’ specific requests, and is thus able to satisfy any kind of requirement and need within the range of solid/gas and solid/liquid filtration.
This is why we are the ideal partner both for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), providing assistance in the choice of filterining medium since the planning stage, and for the end user during the stages of purchase and replacement of previously provided filter sleeves/cloths/bags.

All of our products comply with current regulations (ATEX, FDA, BIA, etc.) and are checked and certified according to the relevant textile standards (ISPN, EN ISO, DEKRA)

Dedusting filter

Filter sleeves/bags/pockets aimed at dedusting

Our completely automated manufacturing and confection division boasts a solid and long experience. We can also rely on a technical production division particularly attentive to technical quality and capable analysing and providing the best possible solutions for filtration.

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Filter pockets/belts/bags aimed at solid/liquid filtration

With modern equipment for cad/cam planning, laser cutting and seaming, we can produce Cloths, double cloths, cloths for filter press,under-cloths for drainage produced in fibers highly resistant to chemical agents, temperature, mechanical stress…

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Needled Felts

Kayser Filtertech Italy has a complete range of needled felts, manufactured in a variety of fibers, with different grammages, permeability and holding capacity, by means of special finishing treatments and thermostabilization/surface smoothing/impregnation/coating treatments…

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Filtering fabrics

Filtering Fabrics

We can provide a wide range of filtering fabrics to meet the diverse technical requirements deriving from the different application sectors: highly specialized fabrics employed in chemical industries and transformation industries, aimed at filtration processes related to chemical or mineral products…

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Fabrics for Air slides

We can arrange for air slide fabrics in different sizes (from 15 mm up to 525 mm), weights and thicknesses, in rolls or cut to size (on request), for various applications such as cement plants, chemical industries, lime, mining…

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ePTFE membrane for air slide sleeves

Kayser Textile®, Kayser Filtertech Italy®’s single member and worldwide leader in the production of felts and filter elements aimed at industrial dedusting, has recently expanded the range of products offered with the direct production and rolling of the ePFFE microporous membrane…

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Kayser Filtertech Italy can provide different accessories that, matched with the filter element, complete and optimize to the maximum the performance of the whole filtration system…

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